Tips to Decorate A Natural But Functional Bedroom for You

Tips to Decorate A Natural But Functional Bedroom for You

Do you know that the main bedroom is not always large and spacious? Although you have small bedroom, you can make a comfortable bedroom with little creativity and proper arrangement of furniture that fits with anything the bedroom. For this, you can choose the design of modern minimalist style. This is because this style has practical arrangement, compact and highly functional.

To make it real, you can start choosing the color for your bedroom. In this matter, you can choose a monochrome color, like cream, beige and white as the dominant color of the room. To create the room accent, you can bring elements of the stronger lines such as natural wood, blackish brown to red and brown to gold.

Generally, the main bedroom consists of sleeping area, dressing area, bathroom and a small terrace. This depends on your needs. For the sleeping area, the area that is furnished with a bed and a pair of nightstand, you put a credenza for TV that can also be function as open storage. You can put a pair of beige colored poof on the end of the bed as a beautiful spot to see.

For the dressing area, you can position it at the corner of the room directly adjacent to a private bathroom. The furniture that you can add in this area is a two-door cupboard. This cupboard is used for storing clothes and other accessories. This can also be multifunctional drawers.

However, the bed in your bedroom is a main point of the room. The bed can be completed with headboard of white fabric panels with wood frames. The frames of the headboard should use wood with dark blackish brown finish. Then, you should also apply the same color to the nightstand. As the result, a simple design applied this minimalist style looks appear naturally in your bedroom.

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