Tips For Interior Paint Colours

Tips For Interior Paint Colours

You may be thinking of giving your home’s interior a sprucing. If you’re ready to invest some time into reinvigorating your home, paint might be the best way you can charge some life and colour in. It is certainly the most uncomplicated, convenient and efficient way to transform interiors.

Paint cards

Choose paint colour cards at your paint shop and bring them home with you. The colour may look different to how it will appear on a fully-covered wall however they are still great for giving you the general gist of the paint colour’s effect.

Paint samples

After thinking about your selected paint cards, you may like to take your decision a step further and buy tins of sample paint. By painting a large enough spot on your wall, you give yourself the opportunity to get used to the colour. If after a week you no longer like the colour, you know it’s the wrong paint for you. Alternatively, you may still like or even love the colour, in which case you know you’re on to a good thing.

Paint and designs

You don’t necessarily have to use a single paint colour, to give your house a makeover. You also have the option of painting a mural, painting your walls in differing textures, and use shapes or patterns. If your house interiors have trims, you might like to add some more dimension by painting the trimmings in either a contrasting colour to the walls, for dramatic effect, or in a similar tone for, for a sense of continuity.

Painting ceilings

While many ceilings have traditionally been painted white, you may want to be unconventional and make your house interiors a little bit different by painting it a brown or a blue.

Centrepieces and house interiors

You may want to create a sense of cohesion by choosing a paint colour for your house interiors that is the same colour as a feature of your room – such as a fireplace, or a beautiful painting or even a striking piece of furniture such as your lounge or lamp.

Paint preparation

If you want to do the job well and properly, get yourself good quality painting devices such as paint brushes and rollers. You will also want to make sure you prepare your soon-to-be painted surfaces well by sanding down rough surfaces and washing them down well. The more time you put into preparing, the longer your paint job will last and the better it will look.

Consider the space of your house interior

If the space of your interior is too large, you can use darker colours to close in some of the ‘excess’ space. On the other hand, if the space of your interior is too small, you can brighten and create more space with light-reflective white.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be scared to do something bold and go for a feature wall or use a more intense, vibrant colour. If you’re not happy with the results, you can always paint over it.

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