Cheap Tips For Living Room Furniture Placement

Cheap Tips For Living Room Furniture Placement

Cheap Tip 1:

Before determining living room furniture placement, some measurements are in order. Measure the length and width of the room, as well as the height of the windowsills. Using the measurements, make a sketch of the room, drawing in where any windows or doorways are located and indicating where electrical outlets, cable wires and light switches are. Measure all the furniture and accent pieces that will be going into the room and use your sketch to determine where they would fit best.

Cheap Tip 2:

Placement is important when determining a room’s focal point. You can choose a furniture piece, such as a bookcase, sofa or entertainment center; a room fixture, such as a grandfather clock or a picture window; or an accent, such as a lamp or a decorative piece.

When it comes to living room furniture placement, balance is everything. To achieve this best, make sure that you put the bigger furniture pieces throughout the room instead of in one area. The room will not look heavy sided or cluttered. Use accessories to balance the empty spaces once you have placed your furniture, to enhance your focal point.

Living room furniture placement should be based primarily on how the room will be used. If its mostly for socializing, then furniture arrangements should be focused on creating conversational areas with tables nearby to hold glasses or snacks. If the room will be mainly for watching television or playing video games, then the entertainment center becomes the focal point and the seating can be arranged facing the television.

You will need to make a note of where the sun shines into a room when it comes to placing furniture. Arrange the seating accordingly and use artificial lighting, such as lamps or tracks to balance and complement the darker areas.

Create a warm and inviting room when planning living room furniture placement. Promote conversation by arranging the seating area. For example, place a sofa facing two chairs over a coffee table to make a room inviting.

Your furniture placement will be determined by the size of your furniture. With a large sofa, place it along a wall or diagonally in a corner. With the sofa in place, arrange the chairs, coffee tables, entertainment center and end tables accordingly. Place the big pieces first, with the largest piece being the room’s focal point.

Cheap Tip 3:

Comfort, balance and function are important when it comes to planning where you will place furniture in your living room. If you study the traffic pattern in your room before starting, you will know where to put the sofa, love seat or chairs to allow people to move freely around or behind the seating.

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