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Significant Signs To Look For Scams In Residential Door Repairs In Sydney

Significant Signs To Look For Scams In Residential Door Repairs In Sydney

There are a few specific signs to look for to find out a scam company and the most reliable ones in residential door repairs in Sydney. However, no dishonest company will advertise for its illegitimate services but still, there are a few common signs that you must look out for while judging whether or not the company you have chosen is truly reliable. Here is a comprehensives list.

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Signs of scam to look for

Though all new companies may not be a scam a company that you know changes its name quite often is surely the one to avoid. This is the way these scam companies continue to stay in their business even after their scam is uncovered.

  • Look for generic names which are the common practice of the scam companies. They do this to make the most of the reputation of other reliable companies in the area. They may even use the same logo apart from the name. Look for ads with misspelled or confusing company names as well.
  • Scam companies will not have any permanent or real address. They will mostly contact you over the phone and cleverly avoid you when you ask about their physical address. A physical address is a mark of reliability and dependability of the company as well as their residential door repairs in Sydney. Therefore, avoid all companies that operate out of a local P.O. Box or a vehicle only.
  • You will also find companies that will offer you prices that are too good to be true. Rest assured that these really are, and the company is a scam. They will have very low or no fees for the initial service call and quote you a price for the service which will be far too less than the fees of any other reputable service provider. You may also expect that this price will be raised later once they start to work on your project. Most importantly, avoid those companies that do not offer a free estimate or offers a “one day only” discount pricing.
  • Attire and work vehicle will also tell a lot about the company whether it is a scam or a reliable one. Scam companies will be highly unprofessional with their attire and will have vehicles with no company name, phone number or address clearly written on it. They will not have a clean and nice uniform professionally designed with the company name and logo in it.
  • They will also not have any BBB rating and no history when you check this website. A BBB accredited company will meet the strict standards though that may not translate into good workmanship that is a separate issue.

Lastly, they will neither have a website of their own and no reviews of them in any third-party review websites. In today’s digital age, any company without any dedicated website is sure to be a scam through a few scam companies have professionally designed website as well. Trusted sites will have all necessary information especially about their services, product and contact details.